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Quinto Vizio caters for all tastes!

We produce genuine and fresh homemade ice cream every day in our laboratory, with passion and dedication, carefully choosing the raw materials that are wisely mixed to satisfy all tastes.

Pure pine nuts from Italy, PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, Sicily pistachios and different types of chocolate make the taste unforgettable. Creams and fruit, gluten-free, vegan or lactose-free, flavor and taste are always guaranteed. Those who want something different can go for soft yogurt, milkshakes, smoothies, crepes or cold pastries. When the traditional cafeteria (coffee, cappuccino, and chocolate) meets the ice cream, they create the first-class affogato.

Everything is always carefully controlled, from the supply chain to the raw materials. We can suit all customer’s vices!

A touch of great care
with a vintage feel

A touch of great care with a vintage feel is the ice cream cart. A special service, suitable for every occasion: ceremonies, parties and birthdays are going to have a sweeter taste.

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